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SPECKS'14 Drive your messages around the valley. Be wise, Advertise.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective advertisement and marketing solutions to every businesses (small to big) in Nepal.

Who we are?

SPECKS’14 is the one and only Bus-as-Media service provider in Pokhara. We are the only company that  has collaborated with Pokhara Bus Byebasaye Samiti to install Multimedia Screens on the local city buses which is just the start. What’s important is that we also manage the contents and programs that are played in those screens. Through which we try our best to entertain and educate the people.

Why Choose Us?

One of many things that make us one of the best media platforms is that we have captive viewers. It’s easy to see why you should advertise on Buses. It lets you drive your message around the city. So you can reach every targeted customers in Pokhara valley. Bus media is an invasive media – consumption by the audience is involuntary in comparison to ‘consumed’ media such as Radio, TV and Press. Also, Bus-Media speaks to people when they are IAM – “In Action Mode”. Passenger/commuter are highly receptive, in action mode, and are openly responsive to advertising messages. Therefore, a much more effective system. All we have to say is you make your choice, then your choice will make you.

What’s New?

We are the new, we are the very definition of new. You will not find any other platform like us in Pokhara. We are the first company to introduce Advertisement Players (Screens) in Pokhara City Buses. Nonetheless, we are the very first company to provide one of a kind Hoarding Board services on Public Buses in whole Nepal. Click here to know the advantages for using our unique innovative services.

Meet Our Team

Ashish Gurung

Ashish Gurung


Sudip Dawadi

Sudip Dawadi

Managing Director

Kushal Nepali

Kushal Nepali


Maheswor Singh Bhandari

Maheswor Singh Bhandari

Chief Business Officer

Sujan Gurung

Sujan Gurung

Co-Founder/Government Liaison Officer

Meet our creative team & partners

Polka Studios

Polka Studios

Animation Partner

Whizz Works

Whizz Works


UNep Studios

UNep Studios

Music Studio

Czan's piczography

Czan's piczography


Few Facts about our Media



Daily Passengers

Monthly Passengers

Clients we’ve worked with

  • Black Horse
  • CINEMA-art


For the first time, you can now advertise on Pokhara City Buses. Using our unique & cost-effective services, you can reach your targeted customers in Pokhara.

No matter what your marketing budget or the size of your business, we can always plan and craft marketing campaigns that carry your values and meet your business needs.


Bus Interiors: Multimedia Screens

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a video? Run your advertisements on the multimedia screens installed on 34 Pokhara Sajha Buses. Express your business in most modern way technology has to offer.



Bus Exteriors: Hoarding Boards

You think putting hoarding boards on top of building are effective ways of advertising? Think again and try our hoarding boards that are attached to the back side of our city buses that travel everywhere in Pokhara City.What goes around, always comes around! We are talking about your investment on advertisement through our media.


What are the advantages of using our media over the others?

| One and only company: Specks ’14 is the only company that has partnered with Pokhara by Pokhara Bus Byebasaye Samiti to facilitate passenger with Multimedia Screens on the city buses. Side-by-side, we also help businesses by putting their Video Adverts on these screens. So take a deep breath and leave things in our hand. We can fulfill your any marketing needs, at any time and routes you like.
| Environment friendly: Putting hoarding boards on top of tall buildings, block the pleasant sight of our Annapurna range in Pokhara City. These boards have negative impact on our city’s beauty. This is the sole reason why hoarding boards are banned in Kathmandu. But removing these boards are not the ultimate solution because outdoor advertisements have great role in marketing. The services provided by Specks ’14 are solution to these problems.
| Greater Reach and Frequency: The advertisement screens installed inside 35 city buses have 26,250 passenger daily. This means your advertisements played on our multimedia screens installed inside these buses have a massive exposure to 787,500 viewers (potential customers) monthly.
| Reach people all day, every day: Our buses travel on every routes in Pokhara city every day.Your hoarding boards on back side of our buses will catch eyes of every pedestrians, bikers, riders, watchers on the streets bestowing the power to send your business message to people all over Pokhara.
| Right place in right time: Through our media you have power to transform you potential customers in to real ones because they see your ads in/outside the bus when they are going to the market.
| Captive Viewers: Bus-Media Speaks to People when they are IAM – “In Action Mode”. Passenger/commuter are highly receptive, in action mode, and are openly responsive to advertising messages. Bus media is an invasive media – consumption by the audience is involuntary in comparison to ‘consumed’ media such as Radio, TV and Press. Therefore, a much more cost-effective system.


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